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                About Us

                Company Situation

                Company Situation

                JYT Corporation was founded on August 8th, 2002 with a registered capital of RMB1.993 billion. JYT is a comprehensive group enterprise with four major industries of high-end equipments, new materials, new energy power generation and clean tech. The main products include photovoltaic and semiconductor equipments such as mono-crystal growers, multi-crystalline directional solidification growers, float-zone furnace. PV material products such as mono and multi crystal ingots and wafers. New energy power generation projects such as PV and wind power generation stations as well as honeycomb medium and low temperature SCR flue gas denitrification catalyst.

                JYT successfully did its IPO at the Shanghai Stock Exchange on September 8th, 2011, stock code: 601908. By the end of 2020, JYT’s total asset has reached RMB 16.87 billion, and net asset reached RMB 7.581 billion. In 2020, the operation revenue is 4.056 billion and the net profit is RMB 440 million.

                By the end of 2020, there are totally 2944 staffs in JYT during which more than 50.88% have college degree or above. Currently, JYT has 62 wholly-owned subsidiaries, 5 holding subsidiaries, 2 joint-stock subsidiary and 1 branch.

                Look Ahead

                Look Ahead

                Future Expectations

                At the beginning of listing, the company took photovoltaic equipment production as its main business. Later, according to the market changes, JYT based on the photovoltaic industry and expanded the business of new energy power stations and appropriately set foot in other fields with a reasonable layout, forming the four main business direction of high-end equipments, new materials, new energy power generation and clean-tech. In the future, the company will continue to strengthen high-end equipments manufacturing, and constantly improve the technical level of products as well as expand the business of new materials and meet the market demand with high-quality mono and multi silicon wafers. The company will steadily promote the new energy power generation business and maintain a healthy and stable source of cash flow according to the adjustment of industrial policies and the fluctuation of the industry. At the same time, the company will continue to pay attention to the market development of denitrification catalyst business, and promote the development of environmental engineering business. The company will also attach importance to the R&D and production of semiconductor equipments and seek new business directions in semiconductor related industries.